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Revelation's 6th Trump

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The Whole World Today Is Waiting On The Imposter, Satan
The Coming Of The Antichrist
Who Is The Antichrist?
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The whole world is waiting and preparing for the coming of the Messiah. When and where is this event going to take place? Many will perish, the death of one's moral soul, because they are not seals by Living God with all understanding and truth of these events taking place in your life..

Michael will cast out from heaven Satan with his fallen angels at the sounding of the 6th trump. At the 6th seal, 6th trump and 6th vial, Satan, disguised as Jesus Christ, will here on the earth with his forces of 7,000 angels. He arrives dressed as the Lamb of God with unbelievable signs and wonders of amazement in order to deceive everyone in believing he is the real thing. The number 666 represents a man, which is Satan, the antichrist, one that comes as Christ, the fake and not the genuine, the imposter, as wolf in sheep's clothing comes to devourer every living soul on the earth.

Here is a bible key : The Kenite scribes translated anti in the English, which means against Christ and have successfully hidden the Living Word of God from all in the world. In the original Greek tongue in the manuscripts the word is avti meaning Instead of, on behalf of, for the purpose of Christ. So as you can see this small change in the corrected translation would prepare the entire world for the fake to come first and not the genuine Christ who comes after 6 at the 7th trump. This one word can represent life over death to every living soul. The Kenites are cleaver wordsmiths and deceitful in performing evils acts for their father, Satan. Just as Cain, the evil one with the corrupted seed of his true father, Satan, killed his half brother Abel in cold blood with little and no remorse. Your Christian leaders and teachers are doing the same thing by killing your souls for their god, Satan, when he comes as Christ.

Today your minister and teacher should be shouting this truth from their bell towers and preparing their flock for the fake to come first as Paul wrote about. But the Living Word states, when the one who comes as Christ will deceive all in the world.

God will not allow any physical damage to take place of the earth when the imposter comes as Christ. Not the green grass, trees, or any physical matter on the earth. This is spiritual warfare and not a physical battle-taking place; a battle to take possession of every living moral soul on the earth. Satan with his fallen angels will beguile nearly everyone with a paralyzing sting like that of a scorpion. Once stung you become his property and under his total control. God is very specific as to what they are allowed to perform. All Christian on the earth will accept him with open arms of love, for they have been waiting in participation for his return.

These serpents and vipers are consuming only those people that have not been sealed by the Living God before the antichrist arrives as Christ. The sealed one, His Elect belong only to God; they bear His seal of ownership and are totally protected from Satan and his forces of 7,000 fallen sons of God.

Satan is the abomination that causes desolation written in 2nd Book of Thessalonians by Paul. Also spoken by the prophet Joel. Satan comes to earth and sets himself up in the temple at Jerusalem claiming to be Christ and God. But as it is written in "Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21," Let no man deceive you, that the return of our Lord does not happen until after the falling away occurs first (people believing Satan as Christ). The real Christ returns at the 7th trump with the full spiritual completeness representing only our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

So 6 comes before 7, keep that in mind lest you be harvested out of season, let the wise understand. Note: at the seventh trump is also the end of this flesh age and those standing alive will be in a new spiritual body with the coming of Jesus Christ. Don't be deceived when the imposter comes as Christ when everyone is still in his or her flesh bodies for a period of 5 months. Then on the 7th and final trump the King Of Kings and Lord of Lords comes to claim His virgin bride, the true believers that waited for His only arrival.

The false Christ, Satan comes on the 6th Trump. The number six is the sign of a man enmity to GOD. Man was created on the 6th day. The serpent was also created on the 6th day to rule this world. The worst sin is the 6th commandment, which is do not murder. Cain committed the first murder by killing his half brother Abel. Cain's descendants only go back to the 6th generation in our bible. Abraham's six intercessions for Sodom marked man's imperfections in prayer, which falls short of that of the Divine Intercessor. The number 6 in Scripture describes a man which is Lucifer who became Satan as the coming antichrist, comes as Christ and then the Apostasy, which marks his presence, called the time of troubles, which first takes place in the world before the real Christ come. The Apostasy is when the Christians believe they are serving Christ but in reality they are worshiping Satan.

Remember, the key to understanding the events of the end times is found in the Churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia. Only these two have the "keys of David; and know about the "Kenites" who are responsible for the false doctrines taught in Christian churches today