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7TH Trump

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Revelation's 7thTrump

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The Events That Take Place With The Coming Of Jesus Christ

God's two witnesses are instantly murdered, the warning of our Lord Jesus Christ is made known to His Election, for this marks the final 84 hours (3 1/2 days) and the end of the human flesh age.

There will be two major Battles taking place in the world at the same time. The Battle of Armageddon in Jerusalem with all the Arabs nations and China with her allies and the Battle of Gog, Magog and Tubal in northern Alaska with Russia and the Kenites as they plan to attack the United States. The Living God will show His instantaneous fury and set an example for all to witness as He destroys all the heathen nations on the earth with the arrival of Jesus Christ. Only by the hand of God, All the ungodly will be destroyed; not by any man or nation's force. To show these heathen nations forever, He meant it, "touch not mine anointed". They will all be destroyed in these battles by the wrath of the Living God, including Satan's henchmen of seven thousand falling angels.

The angels with no known names, only Satan's name is known to us, are the Sons of Perdition, the angelic creation that rebelled and left heaven were the direct cause of both floods, one in first earth age and the other in Noah's days. God has already judged them, the sons due for destruction along with Satan in the Lake of Fire. No one else in all of His creation has been judged, for the rest still
time to repent before the Great Judgment comes upon all mankind.

All will be slaughtered by wrath of God and will not be part of living or partake in the First Holy Resurrection Of Christ at the 7th trump. Also the leaders of the One World System who made war against the Lamb [Jesus Christ] will lose in their battle against God and be part of the Second Resurrection when their father, Satan is let lose to deceive the nations for one hundred years.

Christians by this time will simply be worshipping Satan as their messiah in ignorance. Even more tragic is they will face the
true Messiah and will have to give account why they played the role of harlot with Satan. This unfaithful bride will feel the shame of her actions and wish the mountains would fall on her. Most Christians will not even be aware of these two witnesses until the end of this period, for they now believe that they will fly out of here. Do you see why the doctrine of devils, the rapture doctrine
is so dangerous? It gives false hope to Christians and causes them to disregard those parts of Scriptures that prepares us for this end time event. The fear that comes over Christians at this time is a threatening terror. When the two witnesses come to their feet in 3 1/2 days as a paralyzing fear comes over all the inhabitants of the earth; terrorizing fear will grip the entire world for they will then realize what they have done.

God has allowed the Christians to sleep and be deceived into believing all of the lies in the world; for they have committed an abomination in His eyes for not accepting His truth and warnings before time. When the two saints ascend up to heaven, at that instant the seventh trump will sound with the returning of Christ. This brings on the third and final woe on the face of the earth that will close out this second earth age of flesh and blood of all the living.

God is doing some house cleaning here on the earth in the final hours and is getting rid of all the dirt and the ungodly. Only left standing is God's Elect, 144,000 Sealed Israel, Churches Of Philadelphia, Church Of Smyrna,  His Remnant and those who accepted the false Christ.

The number 7 is the great number, which means spiritual perfection. A number that occupies so large a place in works that it has to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. Christ's divine title as the Anointed of God is composed of seven letters. Seven represents rest and we rest in only Jesus Christ. Abraham receives the seven-fold blessing of God. The seven seals and the seven trumpets are other examples. The seventh trump of all the trumps represents the spiritual completeness of God's Plan with the coming of Jesus Christ.

Thank to God that we can be living in this generation and understand what it is all about. This generation is most written in the bible, for it is the final time of testing of those that fell in the first earth age. Only if you are sealed by God and given this understanding about His End Days Plan then no deception can come upon you. All  knowing that Satan is the first to come as christ. He comes with his tricks and deceptions to deceive the whole earth. Christ tell us to watch as the events unfold and the fake comes first as the lamb of god to deceive the whole earth. All that are Not Sealed with the word of God in their mind.
To Have The Full Understanding Of The Pure And True Text Of Our Father's Word As It Was Originally Written In The Hebrew And Greek Languages.

7th Trump And The Final Trump To Sound
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