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America Exposed

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     "The End Of The World "
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 Reveals What Has Been Hidden

The world is misleading us from the real truth; it's our care takers and the ones assigned to watch over us in every area of our lives. The world has become a cess pool of evil doers with no concerns for others and the Will of God is completely lost. Our Heavenly Father from the very beginning of creation has warned us as man turned his back from their Creator and began to seek his own evil devises. God The Father has warned His children many times, as any loving parent would their child.

Don't perceive, discover, or learn as the world instructs or teaches because it is corrupted, misleading in all facts and lacks the wisdom of Our Heavenly Father. For ALL is in opposition, designed to deceive and untruthful according to the teachings of His Living and Loving Words.Our Father tells us, by taking or having a part or even sharing along with others in participation is an abomination and against His Words of Wisdom about all Life. You are now acting against His Love by serving and believing in these lies of the false father and his teachers, the Kenites.

If their doctrines don't line-up with the word of God, then it's a lie and you are serving God's adversary,Satan' and his children, the tares in the world. It is that simple.

Satan'sTree in the world is the knowledge from which most eat, Death. You are instructed by the Creator of all truth, "Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die."
* Don't consume or absorb any of this knowledge, which is designed to deceive you.
* Don't have any contact with the ones teaching, promoting and sharing these lies of deception.
*Don't go whoring after the antichrist, Satan, which every Christian in the world is now preparing for the imposter, who comes first in the role as Christ.
* Don't be beguiled by Satan's lies and lose your soul to the Spirit of Death..

You can come out from them; the Christian churches in the world and become
united with like mnded believers of the living God. For our Father is calling His Elect to stand against the antichrist, the one who is coming first at the sixth trump dressed as the lamb of god to deceive all in world.

In the pass, many of us have been members of different Christian churches in
the world because we weren't satisfied and had a deeper need for the meat of the truth of God's word. How many times have you found their words of teaching in contradiction to the living word of God? Most of these temples of Satan have their own agenda to hide God's truth. They don't teach us how to study God's word by breakdown each letter of our English bibles to its original languages.

Their scribes, the bible translators have hidden the Living Word from us. This way we are unable to obtain the root of each word enabling us to seek what is hidden in the True Gospel of God, His Divine message of Inspiration and Truth.TheGod of the Beginning and End Reveals It All To His Children. But
Satan, the god of this world, hides God's truth from us with lies about life itself.

Does your church teach line-by-line and verse-by-verse in the books of the bible from Genesis to Revelation? A true teacher of Christ would have to understand the Hebrew and Greek, the original written text in the manuscripts with noted errors and to have full knowledge of the Massorah Critical Text of the Hebrew Bible. So that a student may realize that the pervading object of the book is not merely to enable them to interpret the Bible, but the Bible itself will interpret God's Word and Will.

Jesus taught in parables to the world, so that the evil ones would not understand but His own disciples and students needed full personal interpretation.

All of us should first come to the creator, the author and the finisher of our faith. Christ is now opening the sealed book written by God from the very beginning of time about these ends days.

Seek no other about your questions about God and ask only Him to reveal all truth about this world and life itself. Asks for forgiveness by repenting and cleansing up all the lies of deception from the corners of your minds and accept His Spirit of All Truth in your hearts. Then your work begins by studying the Living Word as it was first written, pure and true.

Begin by crowning yourself with the true brotherhood of Jesus Christ and living as a bright shining star in a darkened world from shore to shore.