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Church Of Smyrna Is A Resource For Biblical Truth

Luke 14:23       And the Lord spoke to His own, go out from My house among a travellers way, even the jails also, to those in distress, enter their dwelling places in that city, so that My household shall be filled . The Living Word Of God .


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Our Father Is Calling His Elect.
Who Is The True Bride?
     Learn From The Pure Word
  Reveals What Has Been Hidden
"The End Of The World" E-Book

The Church Of Smyrna is an independent church of believers and not affiliated with any other church, denomination or organization, religious or otherwise. One of our functions is to serve the Christian and secular communities as are source for Biblical Education.

We hold that religious freedom is an important, precious and constitutionally protected rightin our country. However, when deception, mind control or frauds are present, a person's freedom of choice is undermined. Freedom to make Real Choice can only be exercised when one has access to all the information, and an understanding of the truth.

As Christians,we have a duty and an obligation to hold our politicians, teachers and ministers accountable for what they do, say and teach. This can only be accomplished if we first educate ourselves. Learning is a process of both assimilating new information and sometimes unlearning the myths and traditions we grew up with. We do not expect all people to believe exactly as we do, but to study God's Word for themselves.

If you have the courage to check things out for yourself and believe God's Word instead of man's words, then your journey to all truth is about to begin. As you cross the threshold of knowledge, it will become apparent as God refreshes your mind with these new discoveries of truth about His over-all plan for life especially for these end days.

Our main mission is to reach God's Elect before the coming of Satan, the antichrist, who comes before Christ, disguised as the Lamb of God. In order they are not deceived, we will assist them with the help of Our Loving Father in all areas of guidance with full understanding of God's Plan especially for these end days. Through instruction and teaching in order to expose what has been hidden all their lives by the Kenites, Satan's children in the world. To get them ready for the sealing that is going to place very shortly by the hand of God through the Spirit of all truth. To instruct God's Election the methods used to study their bible and to help them uncover the hidden truth in each line and every verse from Genesis to the book of Revelation. By using the Bible Manuscripts in their original languages with the Massorah text inreference to establish the true meanings of words used by the chosen writers of God's written word.

Today, only a small number in the world knows the revealed truth of the hidden bible of God's word. (His Remnant, the Elect, the Church of Brotherly Love Philadelphia, God's two end time witnesses, the Good Fig Church of Smyrna made up of the ones that are going to be sealed in these end days with the revealed truth by God.)

Now is this time, the Elect is being called out from the Christians churches in the world. God's symbolic wife is called the Elect; they remain
pure and true to Him by waiting for no other. Don't be drawn into the false marriage, the false Christ and the false teaching in the world. Come out from Them for our Heavenly Father is calling you Today.