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   The World Is Following
   After The Beast And His
System of Lies And Deceit

  Satan  Children,  The Tares,  Son's  of  Cain,
Are  In Our World Today

Unlocks  All Doors
The Hidden Truth

Don't Be Deceived
Just Two Churches
Approved By Christ

 Fake Or Real Jesus


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Our Ebook covers what is hidden in most bibles today because of the poorly translated English versions. A must for bible students and teachers to help understand these end day events taking place in the world today.

 "The End Of The World," Ebook By The Church Of Smyrna

Our unveiling of our E-book, "The End Of The World," will stir up your minds and explain what is really taken place in our world today. The E-Book highlights most of the Bible from the Earth that was to eternity. Covering the most important facts that God wants us to know especially about these end days before the retuning of our Lord and King Jesus Christ.

Over all the E-Book outlines who God's enemies are and how they will end with a sudden disaster, a catastrophe death and destruction. Their demise takes place as the world watches the mighty hand of God destroying them all in a hail of fire and brimstones.

Today Christians are completely confused about what is going on in the world. They realize things are rapidly changing and their world is being turned upside down. Our study will open your minds to what has been hidden from us and what God is really saying about these strange events taking place in our day.

Our E-Book also reveals the ones that rebelled against God's first earthly kingdom and to be born again in a flesh body in this last generation of time. Through the centuries, the chosen people of  Israel have rejected the true teachings of our Father that lead to their imprisonment, suffering and elimination. Discover who
the Jews really are for they are not part of Israel.

Christians have been deceived by the cheap imitation of their Lord and King. In fact they are all making ready and claiming their savior is coming soon. But does he?  Find out who really comes first to claim their souls.  When Christ finally does come the flesh age will be over and many Christians will be deceived in believing the false teachings in the world today.

All exposed  and found in the Hidden Bible  of the manuscripts,  the real teachings of Jesus Christ.  The End Of The World, E-Book give you the hidden keys that will open the doors of  confusion  and expose what has been hidden for centuries of time

Download your E-Book today, a must for all bible students and teachers alike: for individuals who really want to know the real truth about the Living God but was afraid to ask. .

            Get Our E-Book
    "The End Of The World.
   Learn  From The Pure Truth
     With 146 Illustrated Pages.
 Reveals What Has Been Hidden
  In Your Bibles By The Scribes.

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